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San Francisco Audio GuideAudioSteps offers self-guided walks around fun, popular neighborhoods, using your own MP3 player. Instead of following a person or a book, you can listen to our audio guides on your own MP3 player and sightsee on your time, at your speed.

How it works

  1. Order your AudioSteps Guide(s) and receive a link to download your Guide files.
  2. Load the files onto your own player, either ...
    • Via your computer - save the files and transfer to your player later, OR
    • Directly to a smartphone - you'll need an app on your phone that enables you to save and use MP3 and PDF files, e.g. GoodReader or idownloader.
      Click here for an example of how to do this with GoodReader.

We offer MP3 audio tours in some of the most fascinating places

From AudioSteps in the UK and US:

  • Bath, UK - a walk beyond the Roman Baths in this world heritage city
  • Bristol, UK - a close look at this vibrant city
  • London, UK - 2 tours in the home of the 2012 Olympic Games
  • New Orleans - the heartbeat of the French Quarter
  • Philadelphia - Old City, a tour around America's birthplace
  • Sacramento - from California's capital to the beginings of the Gold Rush
  • San Francisco - 3 tours in very different neighborhoods, including North Beach/Chinatown, The Castro or the Marina
  • Washington DC - 2 tours - one on the National Mall, and one in historic Georgetown

From our partners

  • Berlin from noambit
  • Florence from noambit
  • Granada from noambit
  • Lisbon from noambit
  • Porec from noambit
  • Washington DC - Temperance Tour - from DC author Garrett Peck

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